Production of explosives for civil purposes

We produce explosives at our own production facility for petroleum-based AnFo type explosives in Chernevo village.

Trade in explosives

We trade in explosives from our own range of products, as well as import explosives and explosive equipment: detonators, detonating cords and boosters, to cover over 85% of the needs of a complete blasting service.

Blasting and special blasting operations

Designing and carrying out blasting operations for quarries, as well as special blasting works related to the construction of roads, highways and controlled demolition of buildings and other facilities.

Project activities, blasting and drilling

Design and execution of drilling and blasting operations in the full scope of activities: preparation of annual and monthly projects for the exploitation of quarries, special blasting activities, drilling, transportation and delivery of blasting substances and execution of the blasting itself.

Transport and safety of explosive materials

Providing safe transportation and use of explosives, for which the company holds all the necessary permits.

Transport of heavy construction machinery

Nikas offers transport of heavy construction machinery throughout the country.


Lyuliaka Quarry

A stone quarry near the village of Chernevo and the town of Devnya, Varna region

Shishmantsi Quarry

A stone quarry near Shishmantsi village and the town of Rakovski, Plovdiv region

Zmeyovo Quarry

A stone quarry located next to Zmeyovo village, Stara Zagora region

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