The Quality, Environment and OHS Management Policy is part of the overall NICAS Ltd. company policy and company vision. It is aimed at achieving the company's core mission, namely:

To provide professional services of the highest quality, in compliance with national and European legislation, market requirements and internal company culture, with responsibility towards the environment and its protection, while ensuring safe and healthy working conditions and maximum benefit for the organization and its stakeholders.

By implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the Integrated Quality, Environment and OHS Management System (IMS), in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, the management of NICAS Ltd. strives:

- To improve its operations by improving the qualifications of its staff;
- To develop the team's knowledge of innovations related to our core activities; to introduce new methods that meet the latest standards;
- To make efficient use of available resources (material, human and financial) by minimizing wastage and optimizing processes in the organization;
- To reduce the incidence of illness and prevent work-related injuries among employees;
- To reduce as much as possible the environmental damage caused by its operations and activities;
- To continuously improve the quality of services provided in accordance with legal and other requirements, including environmental management and the maintenance of health and safety at work;
- To increase the levels of satisfaction and motivation among its employees and within its teams on all levels; to develop a company culture of quality;
- To maintain stable and long-term relationships with our partners in a spirit of mutual interest and respect, while constantly developing and enriching them;
- To maintain an internal commitment to the Quality, Environment and OHS Management Policy and is objectives, in consultation with, and participation of, the employees;

In implementing its policy, the management of NICAS Ltd. applies the following basic principles:
- Leadership: by setting a personal example, the management team ensures the maintenance of quality, environment and OHS standards;
- Risk management: identifying risks and minimizing their impact;
- Effective control of IMS through monitoring of activities and periodic analysis, taking into account the views and interests of all stakeholders;
- Resourcing the operation and improvement of the IMS;
- Employee involvement by sharing and explaining the development guidelines of the organization.

As managers of NICAS Ltd, we declare our personal involvement in the development and implementation of this Quality, Environment and OHS Management Policy. We declare that we will comply with all applicable regulations in all aspects of our operations, and we are committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System (IMS).

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