Nikas Ltd. carries out monitoring of quarries, roads, gas pipelines, road network and infrastructure of settlements, as well as other sites of national or local importance, using the latest generation equipment and software.
In addition, we can also offer
► surveying of properties, buildings, plots or other objects;
► vertical planning and site design, tracing of buildings or property boundaries;
► GPS measurements, drone photography and 3D modelling of sites and objects.

Nikas LTD

Drone photography and 3D model creation

Nikas Ltd. offers the most advanced solutions in design and construction, for calculating volumes and squares, and for making orthophoto plans.

Nikas LTD

Preparation of annual operational projects and investment projects

We prepare annual work projects and geological reports for quarries.

Nikas LTD

Geodetic measuring of objects

We perform surveying of properties and newly designed buildings, as well as tracing of property boundaries. The service includes processing of data and preparing a complete documentation.

Nikas LTD

Tracing of objects

We offer tracing of the following, issuance of protocol included:
- buildings;
- properties and property boundaries;
- points or linear objects.

Nikas LTD

Three-dimensional modeling, visualization and volume calculation

The equipment we use allows for the delineation, the three-dimensional visualization and the modeling of objects and volumes with high accuracy.
Three-dimensional object modelling enables the precise calculation of area and volume, and facilitates the tracking of mining process and infrastructure development.

Our Offices

Head Office Sofia

Office Plovdiv

  • Head Office
  • Sofia
  • 54, G.M. Dimitrov blvd.
  • Atil Business Centre Floor 4
  • Office hours
  • Mon - Fri
  • 08:00 – 17:00
    Office Plovdiv
    Plovdiv city
    Pazardzhik highway 7th kilometer
    Office hours
    Mon - Fri
    08:00 – 17:00
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